Evanios consolidates event and metric data in a familiar, highly scalable cloud architecture. ServiceNow Managed Service Providers can enrich and transform all events before they are sent to the cloud, and integrate all monitoring tools into ServiceNow via dozens of pre-packaged, supported integrations that deploy quickly & easily.

Events are easily collected from ANY source through open API’s. Evanios offers dozens of prebuilt integrations that are ready to download and go. There is also an open integration toolset that supports common integration methods such as SNMP, Web Service, Command Line Client, REST, etc. Custom integrations quickly enable complete coverage of the IT landscape.

Data Segregation


Evanios fits directly into ServiceNow’s domain separation model which enables Managed Service Providers to isolate and collect data (and/or perform administrative functions) across logically-defined domains. This is ideal for environments where tool and process owners need to:

  • Maintain event/metric data separation between customers business units
  • Implement flexible, customized event processing, unique interfaces and domain-specific automation logic
  • Preserve aspects of global process control for monitoring and event management in a single ServiceNow instance

Domain separation is particularly valuable for ServiceNow Managed Service Providers who need a standardized way of offering and managing various management tools, used by many different customers, in a single multi-tenant ServiceNow environment.

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Automated Hybrid Cloud Monitoring


Integrate, augment, or replace your existing monitoring tools. Evanios monitoring is configured directly in the ServiceNow platform and offers unprecedented levels of integration with ITSM processes (e.g. Change Mgt, CMDB). Lightweight monitoring sensors are easy to deploy and maintain, while extensibility enables ServiceNow MSPs to have full coverage of the IT and IOT landscape.

Additionally, Evanios monitoring sensors can be auto-provisioned and integrated into your existing change, CMDB, or service request workflow (via templates, or tailored to unique processes) in order to reduce labor, human error and coverage gaps.

What Fujitsu says about Evanios

“Evanios makes it simple to integrate various Systems Management tools into a domain separated ServiceNow environment that offers event correlation, auto-provisioned monitoring and predictive analytics."

Carey Blunt
Chief Architect for Service Management Tooling, Fujitsu

Event Management


Reduce noise and improve Intelligence by correlating events into fewer, prioritized incidents in ServiceNow. ServiceNow MSPs eliminate unnecessary alerts and low-level manual decision making by leveraging advanced algorithms that group related events into parent-child relationships based on contextual data such as CMDB topology, time, and event content.

Evanios will identify and prioritize actionable events, and merge multiple events into a single, enriched ticket, automating incident creation and resolution while maintaining all relevant event data and even triggering automated remediation actions.

Predictive Analytics


As a ServiceNow MSP, what if you were able to identify and resolve leading indicators before they cause critical outages? What could that mean for your customer acquisition and retention?

Evanios analyzes events using extensible machine learning algorithms for advanced scoring, root cause analysis and event prediction. Automatically identify why failures occurred, and identify leading indicators while visualizing both actual and predicted impact. The extensible framework quickly adapts for unique environments, while Service Status Analysis combines data from all sources into a shared, unified view of IT health.

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What Concerto Cloud says about Evanios


Concerto Cloud Services is a fully managed cloud service provider, specializing in the rapid deployment of mission critical applications across a best in class hybrid cloud platform. Combining application expertise with superior service and technical support, Concerto’s cloud platform has been developed for the highest levels of performance, security and speed. When Concerto needed a solution to help ensure the availability and reliability of their customer’s cloud environments, they turned to Evanios.

Evanios provides unified monitoring and event management for Concerto’s fully managed cloud infrastructure. By choosing Evanios, which runs natively in ServiceNow, Concerto has a single system of engagement to interact with their customers, which helps provide a consistent user experience, and drives automation. Concerto can auto-provision monitoring as part of their cloud workflow, reducing human intervention and human error completely. Reporting and dashboards are provided to Concerto clients directly through the ServiceNow interface, so they can interactively explore incidents, changes, metrics, and events from a single, familiar unified view.

“Evanios has enabled us to integrate seamlessly and provide vital server health information to our customers”
Pete Schmied

Vice President for Concerto Cloud Services


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