ServiceNow Monitoring

Native Integration & Automation



Centralize all monitoring to a single pane of glass

Evanios’ Unified Event Correlation & Monitoring Platform enables you to connect any monitoring tool into ServiceNow and leverage native element monitoring from the ServiceNow platform to integrate, augment, or replace existing capabilities.

Evanios is the only IT monitoring solution where all of the configuration is controlled directly through the ServiceNow platform. This provides unprecedented integration capability with other ServiceNow modules such as Service Request, Change, and CMDB. Template workflows are provided for automated deployment based on records in the CMDB or Change applications, and clients can tailor to their specific process.

Supported Integrations

  • Seamlessly connect dozens of popular monitoring tools such as AppDynamics, Nagios, PRTG, New Relic, Nimsoft, SCOM, Solarwinds, Splunk, Zabbix, Zenoss and many more. Packaged and supported integrations deploy quickly & easily with no code required
  • Open API support for CMD line, TCP/UDP, SNMP, log file and web service
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Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

  • Configured directly in the ServiceNow platform
  • Lightweight monitoring sensors are easy to deploy and maintain
  • Extensibility enables full coverage of the IT and IOT landscape

Auto-provision ServiceNow Monitoring

  • Configure directly through the ServiceNow platform
  • Automatically provision monitoring sensors using existing templates
  • Highly adaptable unique requirements

Learn more about ServiceNow monitoring from Evanios. We will gladly provide consultations, full demonstrations and proof of concept for qualified customers.