ServiceNow Incident Management Integration

Correlate multiple events into a single, enriched ticket. Automate incident creation and resolution.



ServiceNow incident management that doesn’t eliminate low value issues in the Service Desk skews metrics, slows service restoration, and causes support teams to lose confidence in both the data and the process. Your ServiceNow incident management process should be based on the creation of intelligent incidents, where all relevant data is automatically consolidated onto a single incident for speedy resolution.

Evanios will cut through the noise, score actionable events, reduce MTTR and improve your customer experience while reducing costs

Combining event and metric data from all sources, Evanios correlates multiple disparate events into a single correlated incident, automates root cause analysis, predicts future events and generates actionable IT Operations Analytics that enable your team to visualize both actual and predicted impact.

Advanced event correlation

Evanios enables multiple types of correlation to consolidate multiple events into single, more meaningful incidents. Events can be consolidated based on their content, CMDB relationship data, preconfigured logic, and machine learning algorithms.

Automated incident creation and remediation

Built natively on the ServiceNow platform, Evanios can easily trigger automated remediation through seamless integration with ServiceNow incident management, problem, change management and orchestration.

Root cause analysis

Automating the detective work normally associated with incident resolution improves efficiency while saving valuable resources. Evanios root cause algorithms will automatically identify why failures occurred and present transparent conclusions (ranked by strength) in an easy to understand format with comprehensive details.


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Event prediction

Leading indicators predict future events, enabling operators to take proactive action to avoid incidents.

Extensible machine learning

Supervised and unsupervised learning powers automated event reduction and ServiceNow incident management.

Learn more about your ServiceNow system and its applications from Evanios. We gladly provide full demonstrations and proof of concept for qualified customers.