Predictive Analytics for ServiceNow

Prioritize Leading Indicators

Key Benefits

  • Automated identification & scoring of high priority events, understand where to focus efforts
  • Avoid outages by proactively identifying and responding to leading indicator events
  • Transparent operation makes results easy to understand and trust, increasing adoption
  • Enable immediate implementation with pre-developed, best practice algorithms

Prevent Service Disruptions

Powerful predictive analytics help organizations identify and respond to leading indicator events, as well as understand where they need to focus their efforts. Evanios analyzes each event against the ITSM context, based on a library of traits which help identify its significance. Relationships between events are also tracked, so likely future events can be predicted in real-time.

Allow Operators to Take Proactive Action

Evanios analytics capabilities require no special coding or configuration to be effective.

Results are presented in an easy to understand analysis score, where the method in which the score was computed is completely transparent to the user.

Predictive Analytics capability is included with Evanios Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions. Compare versions for more information.

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