Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Replace Standalone Tools and Reduce Risk Through Automated Deployment

Key Benefits

  • Acts as a “manager of managers”, bringing events from disparate monitoring systems to a single pane of glass natively integrated with other ITSM processes
  • Unified element monitoring from the ServiceNow Platform
  • Autoprovision element monitoring when new devices are discovered with provided workflows
  • Manage monitoring deployments through ServiceNow change Management
  • Blackout events during change or outage windows defined in other ServiceNow applications

Monitor the health of your IT environment from ServiceNow

Monitor servers, networks, or websites — and control it all through ServiceNow. Proactively spot performance issues and improve the quality of IT service to end users. More than a unified dashboard, Evanios monitoring is a complete infrastructure monitoring solution that runs inside your ITSM platform, delivering an unprecedented level of integration with ITSM processes. Detect and respond to infrastructure issues, all from a consolidated platform.

Running on ServiceNow allows seamless integration with apps like change management and CMDB. Want to automatically provision monitoring when a CI is added? No problem. Want to remove monitoring as part of a change control? No sweat. Evanios Monitoring is the monitoring platform that is seamlessly integrated with your ITSM processes.

Extensible Platform

Evanios Monitoring was designed first and foremost as a platform. Users can easily write and deploy their own monitoring scripts. We leverages the same JavaScript engine that ServiceNow uses, allowing scripts to be developed through the ServiceNow interface and pushed to the Evanios Agents. Libraries for common monitoring tasks are included, enabling citizen developers easy access to industry standard protocols such as HTTP, WMI, Perfmon, Powershell, and SSH.

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What people are saying

Quick Time to Value

Deploy fast. EVA, the Evanios consolidation point can be automatically deployed by the ServiceNow MID server. Standard agent-less protocols and our pre-built modules allow us to connect to a variety of device types out of the box.

Configure fast. Once installed, devices are divided into groups and profiles are attached. Profiles are re-usable sets of configurations for monitoring, which can be attached to groups or devices, simplifying configuration.

Get value. Your users are already familiar with the interface. The graphs can be made in to gauges for inclusion on dashboards with other ITSM metrics, creating a seamless deployment.

ITSM Enabled

Evanios monitoring runs as a ServiceNow application, allowing an unprecedented level of interactivity with the ITSM system. Since we’re on the same platform as your ITSM solution, the sky is the limit here, and a variety of template workflows are included out of the box.

Monitoring can be provisioned automatically based on the arrival of a CI in the CMDB, or an approved change ticket. A Service Request could be used to change a threshold, enabling self-service with a detailed audit trail.

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