IT Operations Analytics for ServiceNow

Improving service delivery through real-time ITOA


Evanios unifies event management and monitoring on the ITSM platform

Every modern IT team wants to minimize failures while quickly and accurately responding to events and incidents. However, many organizations are trying to implement ITOA while still relying on outdated methodologies and isolated metrics.

In reality, APM tools tell you when something has failed, but they don’t do a great job identifying the cause. Conversely, traditional relationship maps identify deterioration points without describing the actual impact on users. Both approaches rely heavily on manual effort for identification, diagnosis and treatment.

A mature approach requires comprehensive monitoring of the entire stack with automated detection and remediation of leading indicators. IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) accumulated in this way provide actionable data about IT health as a whole.

What to look for when evaluating IT Operations Analytics platforms

ITOA tools provide rapid value when built to the following specifications:

  • Deep cross-platform integration: Think of ITOA as an enablement layer built on top of a connected IT Operations Management (ITOM) and ITSM (IT Service Management) foundation.
  • The ability to aggregate event data from different sources, creating a single (centralized) access point within the single system of record or engagement.
  • Alert suppression through filtering, deduplication and correlation (including the assignment of multiple related events to one intelligent incident)
  • Automated remediation of events and incidents
  • Root cause analysis, impact analysis and anomaly detection based on machine learning

Why Evanios?

Evanios combines event and metric data from all sources and uses machine learning algorithms and flexible logic to automate event and incident reduction, calculate real-time scores, automate root cause analysis and predict future events.  Actionable IT Operations Analytics enable teams to visualize both actual and predicted impact.

Built directly on top of the ServiceNow ITSM, Evanios offers dozens of out-of-the-box integrations and a robust API that allows quick connections to any monitoring tool. Advanced event correlation driven by preconfigured logic deploys rapidly and is easily adjustable with no code required. Consequently, Evanios produces immediate return on investment that’s not restricted by the current environment.

Learn more about IT Operations Analytics from Evanios. We will gladly provide consultations, full demonstrations and proof of concept for qualified customers.

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